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chairwoman @loadev | digital policy & civil rights |


  • Gabriela Meyer

    Gabriela Meyer

    Author “Modern Life Etikette” | Founder Modern Life Seminars | Cannot live without my Macbook, love the light in Greece |

  • Héctor Lecuanda

    Héctor Lecuanda

    The paradox of solitude whilst living in the company of an anonymous crowd. / La paradoja de la soledad mientras vivimos en compañía de una multitud anónima.

  • Sébastien Tarnowski

    Sébastien Tarnowski

    Sébastien Tarnowski | Digital Strategist | Communication Expert | EU Affairs | Brussels, the Heart of the EU.

  • Konrad Neuwirth

    Konrad Neuwirth

    Reads way more than he writes, but talks more than he listens. Professional geek interested in humans, humanity and society.

  • Leo


  • Paul Nemitz

    Paul Nemitz

    Principal Adviser @EU_Commission #AI #Democracy #GDPR #Privacy #Datenschutz #Fundamentalrights #noplace4hate #Legaltech #Dataethics #Datenethik @paulnemitz

  • Franz von Weizsäcker

    Franz von Weizsäcker

  • Ø Griep

    Ø Griep

    Es gibt zwei Regeln im Leben: 1.Gib niemals alle Informationen preis.

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